About My Learning Guru

Now more than ever, students of all ages need options for engaging online learning guided by teachers ready to help their students thrive.

Unfortunately, learning from home isn’t always easy, as students working at a distance risk becoming disengaged.

Thankfully, there is a solution: My Learning Guru is an exciting online learning platform that brings the fun! We deliver diverse online learning options via a flexible and user-friendly virtual experience that hooks students of all ages on learning.

In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing shut down of schools and businesses everywhere, our creative team chose to meet the colossal challenge of remote learning head on by developing a new online learning platform that would help students around the world reach their learning goals. The result was My Learning Guru, a virtual learning portal that empowers teachers everywhere to create their own courses on any subject.

My Learning Guru has helped thousands of members in dozens of countries connect with certified teachers to reach their learning goals from the safety and comfort of their own homes. With our ever-expanding array of courses in traditional academic subject areas like math, reading, and science as well as computer coding, foreign language, finance, and the arts, we offer something for everyone. My Learning Guru opens up course creation access to anyone with expertise to share, allowing teachers to create their own courses.

My Learning Guru also supports educational institutions at every level, creating and executing virtual courses with packages that include everything from course outlines and lesson plans to video lectures, assessments, and certificates of completion for their students.

Ready to reach your learning goals? Create your account and start working toward achieving your educational dreams!


Teachers are the superstars at My Learning Guru as they are helping us in making education accessible to the masses. So, at My Learning Guru, anyone can become a teacher and teach the world. We make this possible by helping the teachers create their courses for free and making their courses accessible in over 120 countries. As a tutor, you can accept all major currencies as payments from students.

For more please visit: https://mylearningguru.com/become-a-teacher