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Culture is a very prominent element of social psychology and sociology. To quote the American Sociological Association, “Sociology understands culture as the languages, customs, beliefs, rules, arts, knowledge, and collective identities and memories developed by members of all social groups that make their social environments meaningful.” Material artefacts that are common to that group or society are also considered a part of the culture.

Language and culture

The relationship between language and culture has always been discussed by anthropologists.  Language can be seen as a pattern that determines how our thoughts and experiences are expressed. Language communicates through culture, and culture communicates through language, according to Michael Silverstein, who claims that culture’s communicative energy is used not only to reflect parts of reality but also to connect different contexts. Language is a product of a society’s thought and conduct. Language serves primarily as a means of conveying information and establishing relationships. The relation between the two research variables may be seen through the differences in language that different civilizations have placed on their language usage (Jandt 2009). Discrimination prevents interaction between various cultural groups, which is a barrier to intercultural communication. When people do not engage with people from other cultural groups, they are unable to learn about other people’s ideas and values. Hence, learning a new language that is associated with a different culture allows personal development and enrichment of the culture.


As Language and Culture relationship- a detailed guide rightly mentions, the quickest method to learn a language is to introspect its cultural context. One must be aware of socio-cultural influences in order to acquire language abilities, learn how to approach people in that foreign language. Cultural awareness is a very important part of understanding and engaging in various communications. Language and culture are intricately linked, to simplify a long narrative.

Photo by Joy Anne Pura from Pexels

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