German Language Workshop

Hi, this is Payal !

I am a Certified German Language Trainer.

Learning and teaching German is my passion. I love teaching and spreading my knowledge and skills of German language.

I have been learning German since school (since I was 13 y/o) and have received the highest accolades.

I completed German levels from Max Müller Bhawan, Pune (Goethe Institute) and have been teaching German for the last 5 years and have students from all over India.

I believe that learning a second language promotes cultural diverisity. It also helps us to better participate and compete in a global society.

See you in my workshop soon !

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Who all can join ?

  • Those who wish to learn German language
  • People who wish to seek answers to their questions related to German language
  • Students from all age-groups
  • Those who wish to study in Germany
  • If you wish to find a job in a place where knowing German language can provide a competitive edge !