Importance of Handwriting Skills



Handwriting is the act of writing using a writing instrument in one’s hand, such as a pen or pencil. Handwriting incorporates both printing and cursive styles.

Importance of writing

Taking notes by hand has a number of cognitive advantages. Our reading and language processing skills are strengthened through handwriting. Researchers discovered that the position of the writing hand, speed, and types of finger and hand movements differ between good and mediocre writers when comparing their handwriting movements. Writing requires a variety of tangible experiences that engage the fine-motor muscles. These consist of fingers and hands, as well as the bigger muscles of the arm and torso and the eyes.

Aside from formal education, most jobs also will require at least some handwriting. And few will demand the delivery of essential information through handwritten notes. A handwritten love note is a thoughtful gift to treasure. Nothing can adequately convey the writer’s mood and personality.


Individual handwriting styles are distinct from one another and cannot be recreated with a keyboard. Technology should not be used to replace handwriting. Rather as a tool to keep learning and engaged.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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