Importance of Language Skills


Language is the fundament of communication. It is a compilation of alphabets and words that form sentences to convey a meaningful message. Languages are dated as back as human existence – verbal, non-verbal. Since the beginning of civilisation different people have used different languages. A language serves various means of communication such as for building relations, friendships, business, goverance and so on. As the world started to civilise and numerous communities started to establish itself, languages increased as well.

Importance of languages
Knowledge of languages is always a perk no matter where and at what age. Its advantages can be broadly divided into personality development, cultural and business.

  • Business

    Knowing other languages may be very useful in business since it allows you to interact and network with individuals from all around the world. Contrary to popular belief, when people deliberate in a second or third language, they actually detach themselves from the emotional responses and prejudices that come with the first language. As a result, decisions made in a systematic and clear-headed manner based solely on the facts.

  • Culture

    Learning a second language allows you to have an intimate understanding of a completely different culture. Because a culture is inextricably linked to its language, speaking the other language is required to fully appreciate it. Knowing a language allows a person to automatically identify with others who speak that language. This link is extremely significant in cultural exchange.

  • Individual

    Speaking a foreign language can be a very beneficial experience from an individual standpoint. Learning a foreign language may also be a lot of fun and provide a sense of accomplishment for the student. Another plus point is chatting with someone in their original language will give a tremendous sense of accomplishment and boosts self-confidence.

As Madeline Dale correctly mentions in one of her articles, “The Importance of Language”, this is the power of language as a means of communication. It is not something we learn as youngsters simply to communicate with the world. It’s something we’re always learning about, and it changes and evolves with us. We should endeavour to understand and be aware of it.

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