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Is Mental Health Important?



Mental health care is vital to every person’s entire health. Even the most capable human brain can be overwhelmed by the complicated environment we live in. It is critical to be aware of something that impacts absolutely everyone and affects at least one-quarter of the population. Unlike physical health, people take the concern of their mental health very lightly. Mental health influences how we think, act and feel about our surroundings.

According to the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum, mental illness is the world’s most significant economic burden today. Only around half of the persons in affluent countries who are suffering from a mental illness receive the necessary therapy, whereas, in underdeveloped countries, 90% do not receive any type of care. The stigma associated with anxiety, sadness, and other illnesses prevents people from getting help or opening up about their problems. Many individuals with mental illnesses are unsure how to deal with their symptoms. They resort to improper coping techniques to alleviate their emotional anguish. As a result, one may develop a drug or alcohol addiction.

Mental health awareness can benefit the millions of people who are affected by mental health difficulties. Various important initiatives have to be planned to address the issue. There is also the rising prevalence of suicides caused by mental health disorders, which does not get the required attention. Campaigns to decrease the stigma, media guidelines, and increased public knowledge are just a few of them. 


Change can only occur when people take action. If necessary awareness is implemented, prevention of severe distress is possible. Treatment works, and those who suffer from mental illnesses can recover and have full and productive lives.  And promoting mental health awareness is a critical activity that practically everyone can perform.

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