Tips to Better Your French Writing Skills



Learning French includes a very significant part of well-versed writings. One of the reasons it’s so challenging is that you never know if what you’re writing is correct. There are many people, websites and businesses out there who will advise you to practise your French writing skills. Below are a few highly recommended methods.

  • Practice writing every day

Keep a book with yourself every time to sit to study. As one works on their writing skills, they learn to apply transition words efficiently. It also helps in improving sloppy, untidy handwriting. This substantially boosts their confidence. 

Everyone enjoys being “the teacher” and providing feedback on other students’ work. This helps students recognise their own mistakes. It also teaches them how to rewrite and improve their own work.

  • Learn new vocabulary

There are a lot of vocabulary flashcard systems out there with translations for each foreign word. However, there are many French words for which there are no direct translations. As a result, you should always acquire new vocabulary in full sentences. Dictionaries are the best tools for the same.

  • Track and grade your work

Keep a record of all your writings to track your development. In this manner, you can go back and proofread a text you wrote a few weeks ago that you don’t recall well. You can also grade your work as you recheck it. This helps in managing the motivation to continue the work.

  • Advanced apps for French 

There are a variety of interesting French apps available for your phone that will help you improve your writing grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary. You can also use the internet to translate words, sentences out of published articles and researches. 


Regular practice and discipline are extremely important. If you take your writing seriously, you will see results. The experts at My Learning Guru can be contacted by following the link. They will not only teach you but also give you more tips and ideas to enhance your performance. Join now!

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