Why Use Webinars?



The term “webinar” is a combination of the words “web” and “seminar”. Webinars refer to a web-based presentation, lecture, or workshop. A webinar is a one-to-many communication method in which a presenter can address a large and targeted group of internet viewers from a single location. Interaction during a webinar may be extremely beneficial if used correctly.

Uses of webinar 

  • Educational purposes

Online classrooms include live recording playback, screen sharing sessions, discussions, file sharing, and a variety of other capabilities. These increase student engagement. All students or seminar participants interact with the lecturers or presenters. Webinars may be a terrific instructional tool for businesses to provide support to clients who have purchased their products.

  • Improving content creation

The online lectures can be filmed, post-edited, and reused into new material. Webinars also provide transcripts. Those can be used as the basis for future blog pieces, social media updates, and more.

  • Hosting public events

The audience is able to interact with the host in real-time. They’ll be able to interact with each other via webinar software, almost as if everyone is in the same room.

  • Business purposes

Companies have begun to use webinars for product demos. These are done to promote their products more strategically and develop stronger relationships with potential customers.


The internet has evolved into a place where both the young and the old can pursue their passions for learning new things. It has supplied them with a platform on which they may interact quickly and enhance their knowledge nearly instantly. Webinars are effective, and there are probably more than four reasons to hold one.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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